Salman Faraji

Project Lead
Salman received his Master's and PhD in robotics and control from EPFL. He developed walking and manipulation control algorithms for Humanoid robots. Since 2019, he's been developing machine vision and AI algorithms at ETH to equip robots with scene understanding. He loves building new robots! Since 2003, he has innovated many systems for robocup wheeled soccer robots, modular-configuration robots and acoustic mill air-gap inspection. Suspended manipulator for open-field agriculture is the latest.

Julian Schilliger

AI Engineer
Julian is completing his Master's thesis in the field of robotics, systems, and control at ETH Zurich. He completed his Bachelor's degree in computer science at ETH, and is currently interested in using machine learning for robot scene understanding. He is passionate about the field of robotics and is eager to contribute to the development of new and innovative systems.

Marco Hutter

Robotics Advisor
Marco is Assistant Professor for Robotic Systems at ETH Zurich, Branco Weiss Fellow and co-founder of ANYbotics. His research interests are in the development of novel machines and actuation concepts together with the underlying control, planning, and learning algorithms for locomotion and manipulation.

Mohsen Moosavi

AI Advisor
Mohsen is Assistant Professor at Imperial College London. He received his PhD from EPFL in Computer Science and completed a postdoctorate in the Institue for Machine Learning at ETH Zurich. Mohsen is interested in reliable Machine Learning research, in particular robustness of classifiers and its connection to the geometry of deep networks.

Caroline Coquerel Kokocinski

Lead Coach
Caroline received general and specialized Master’s degree, Geographical Information System (GIS), Data-processing and computer sciences, geomatics (1996–1999), Pôle d'Enseignement supérieur et de Recherche agronomique de Renne. Since 2018 she has been a finance expert in Innosuisse Business Creation training (ICT and engineering) and an accredited coach.

Pascal Dutheil

Financial Coach
Pascal Dutheil has a Master's degree in international management from HEC Lausanne and holds a MBA from INSEAD. He has over 15 years of experience in the private equity and venture capital industry. Pascal has a proven track record in investments, strategic analysis and management of equity participations in companies.