High Precision & Quality

- We detect thin peduncles and cut the junction directly 
- Cherries are not touched to avoid bruising the skin and spread of diseases
- The robot directly places the truss in a crate or shells

Fast picking cycle

We spend 10 seconds per truss with a generic all-crop cutting tool. The one specialized for cherries will be faster down to 8 seconds. Trusses may fall apart going faster than this

Wide-range application

Our software is not limited by crop shape. Do you grow other crops like cucumber, pepper, or strawberry? Let's discuss it, we can customize the robot for you.

Precise ripeness estimation

Ripeness for cherry tomatoes means a lot more than individual colors, we count red cherries in each truss. In the real world, trusses overlap and partially hide behind the leaves. These are cases where state of the art struggles, but we can handle!