Eagle is our large-scale version with day-long autonomy on solar power. Eagle benefits from a novel mechanical design -with pending patent- that shares cable forces between actuators and saves up 50% energy when moving around. This mechanism brings the energy consumption at full-speed bellow the peak 200W of solar power. Onboard batteries also help in cloudy days or extreme conditions. Eagle has a very lightweight frame built with Aluminum and carbon-fiber. It runs on stainless steel wire ropes actuated by planetary geared actuators. A large number of precise onboard sensors bring data at 1 kHz to ensure fast disturbance rejection, precise localization, and proper cable winding.


150x150x20 cm
Max Solar Power:
200 W
Onboard Sensors:
IMU, GPS, Encoders
Possible Payloads:
Arm, Cameras, Sensors
Max Terrain Inclination:
45 deg
Max Speed:
2 m/s
Max Area:
25x25 m
(expansible to 50x50 m)
25 kg
Max Payload:
20 kg
(10 kg on 45 deg)

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